Genting Strawberry Farm


Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is one of the latest attractions, planted here a lot of strawberries and other fruits and vegetables in Malaysia is the largest strawberry farm. And domestic strawberries are different, this tropical strawberry farm fresh strawberries all year round, visitors can pick their own taste. Farms sell milk and strawberries strawberry water taste is very special, it is recommended tasting. Especially the strawberry water, rich in vitamins and low sugar, sweet and cool.

Chin Swee Temple


Chin Swee Temple is situated on a hillside a Taoist, picturesque scenery, temples overlooking olive footmarks more lush virgin forest, engaged in this piece of tranquility, enough to make people forget the hustle and bustle of the city, has experienced some Pangru mind washing. Chingshuiyan temple came to Genting Highlands, in addition to water Patriarch worship, but also may apply to the GAO had in five temples and behind the Buddha Guanyin Buddha statues. Tourists and the faithful to this expanded cultural tours, you can enjoy the many traditional Chinese folk tale themed attractions and exquisite stone craft, and the opportunity to travel to the government of ancient Chinese legend who passed away 10 Temple to explore the experience. Chingshuiyan temple beside the main import, there is a nine-story pagoda of ten thousand, ten thousand Buddhas are equipped with safety lights for each Fangshan Xin sincere worship, begging for peace, longevity. Currently there are about 2,000 light so worshipers to donate sesame oil way worship.

Genting Casino


Malaysia is a national prohibition of gambling, only Genting Casino exception. The Government also made a lot of Genting Highlands casino restrictions: only allowed foreign tourists to prohibit their residents gamble, casinos do not allow advertising in the media. Genting means to gamble, there is Asia’s second largest casino, 24 hours waiting for guests around the world. In Genting Highlands, daytime lake Range Rover, walking the mountains or play, or on horseback, or swim, enjoy the natural scenery; night you can go sightseeing at Genting Highlands casino. Casino Weekend 24 hours, usually 4:00 am to 10:00 out of business. Close to the entrance a sign in the casino, Selangor Sultan of Pahang state and warned Muslims are not allowed inside. Tourists who go to the casino, to show your passport.

Genting casino apart is clearly here to tell the guests, the casino is the biggest winner. If you do not understand the rules, you can first learn; if you do not follow the rules, the casino will unceremoniously be cast out. To prove casinos are gentlemen entertainment venues, casinos regulations require men to wear shirts and tie or dressed in national costumes Malays can only admission. This is a far cry from casinos in Macau, even the famous Grand Lisboa Casino also can enter as long as do not wear shorts. Most casinos place is non-smoking, drug addicts can only be holed up in a small corner of the puff. Casino licensing beautiful people who are young, high level of professionalism, fast response, the licensing action chic pretty, and courteous.

Genting casino can be divided into five main areas circus Palace, Monte Carlo, Hollywood, International Hall and VIP rooms. International Hall is a private gaming area, only a Silver Member to enter; VIP Only Gold members and invited guests may enter; International Chamber has a full range of games, drinks and snacks service, live music in recreational activities will be presented when the special dishes publicity and maximum betting stake. Genting Casinos attract Malaysia and around the world come to vacation and gaming tycoon. Casino operators are also trying to provide customers with all the conveniences, Genting cable car to the price of almost free shuttle to guests who stay at Genting Building passengers are free to enter the casino. Here, many families would get women to buy a dish a few cents to Lele, play betting cheap slot machines.

Genting Arena of Stars


Genting’s Arena of Stars is a starry stage; it located at outdoor playground, surrounded by all kinds of Genting Highlands resort, can be said to Zhongxinggongyue. Arena of Stars is a suitable for organizing various event venues such as concerts, music awards, live entertainment and sports events. Arena of Stars Presents for the best music artists provide a venue to allow performers to play vividly their art cells, cohesion strength of the masses to join the festivities. In carrying capacity, the Arena of Stars can accommodate 6,000 people. In addition, this fully-indoor amphitheater is also equipped with the most advanced sound and lighting system to provide excellent visual experience. Undoubtedly, Arena of Stars is a modern organized concerts, live events and sports activities of the best venues. It is also designed for the star and set the stage.

Genting theme park


There are roller coaster theme park, lifts, aerial Trojans, spacecraft and other exciting tourism projects.

Genting First World Plaza


Genting, time becomes fast. “Genting First City” is known as a small United Nations, which brings together a number of world famous attractions, such as the U.S. global trail, France Champs Elysees, Venice, Italy, the United Kingdom Big Ben, etc. If you want the shortest period of time to experience the feeling of traveling around the world, then, the first city must not be missed. When you thought it had enough time, I realized that there are many shopping areas Genting can stroll, which boasts many world-brand stores, there are always met to your stores. Tired, tired of shopping, find a place to rest your feet. Genting, embarrassing not find a place to eat, but the variety, really do not know where to start! Convenient M in mind, KFC and other Western fast food, authentic Malaysian flavor good taste Nanyang Noodles, Mong Kok, Friends, as well as Thailand and China Palace and other fine dining restaurants. At nightfall, the world’s first hotel to stay one night, enjoy the fun of the world. Sitting room 6118 of the world’s largest hotel, has been accepted by Guinness World Records acknowledged and awarded “the world’s largest hotel” certificates.

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