Cradle Rock Genting Highland

Genting Highland is synonymous with gambling. Heard this name alone, many people who do not like to going there. Maybe I’m also one of them at one time.

First memories at Cradle Rock


Like it or not, I’m four times there. Each time there, I will definitely stop at Cradle Rock. Cradle Rock reminded me of 3 friends, because the first time I set foot on the summit of the hill when it is with them.

Attracting Beautiful Panorama I
Genting entertainment is quite interesting, but the most interesting to me is the cold weather and panoramic views from the top of the mountain. It is quite peaceful soul. Perhaps the factor too, Pak Kiai to Datuk Dr. Rusly Abdullah (author of the book “Revelation Road Wealth”) likes to build a place of rest at the top of the mountain to led a reclusive life (worship).
Beautiful views of Cradle Rock, often creates a feeling of lazy to continue the ‘climb’ to the hotel and Theme Park, a distance of approximately 500 meters. It feels like just want to hang out there. Of course, I will not miss the chance to record panoramic views from the top of the mountain each time arriving at Cradle Rock.

Cradle Rock’s view can make it a common spot for picnics and, judging through the kinds of litter left strewn about, a well-liked spot for burgers, donuts, smoking and consuming beer. There was also fairly a little bit of graffiti within the rock which can be a shame.

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