Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah

Looking for a good place to relax with your friends or family members? Come to the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah.

Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah is located 15 km from the town Lanchang.With, the district of Temerloh, Pahang established by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in 1989 aimed to carry out the elephant relocation program since the 1974 Asian elephant is listed as a critically endangered species with less than 1,200 wild elephants in Peninsular Malaysia. Protect Asian elephants live help protect thousands of other species that occur in the elephant habitat.


Over the last 30 years, the center has successfully relocated more than 700 wild elephants. Wild elephants captured will be sent to the conservation center to be protected and trained. The elephants are then relocated to protected areas such as Taman Negara, Pahang. In addition, it also serves as provide information and awareness to the public about the threats and pressures faced by our country’s elephants. Interestingly, there is no admission fee is charged to you and you will only be given a “sticker” as a condition for entry into the center.

How do you want to go there?

Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah takes about 2 hours drive if you come Kuala Lumpur. The center is located in the state of Pahang, on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia allows you to use any highway or main road to Karak Highway. Then use the East Coast Expressway and exit via toll Lanchang.With. Then turn right at the T-junction and continue driving until you find signs to the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah.

Interesting activities that you can do:

There are several activities that you can do when you are the center. The good news for you is no charge for all these activities. However, you are advised to be early so that all the activities provided by the department to join.

Impressions Video
You can watch a video documentary in air-conditioned room on a wild elephant relocation activity for 1 hour more. The information displayed is quite interesting and informative, especially for the children who attend school.

Feeding the Elephants
All visitors to the center will have the opportunity to experience feeding the elephants. There are about six elephants that you can provide food, such as fruits of melon and papaya. You just have to stretch it with your hands, either to feed or let the elephant uses its trunk to take the food. Food or fruit is already there. This activity is well-liked by children. You should also not forget to bring a hat and a bottle of water because this place can be hot and humid in the afternoon.

Bathing the elephants
You also have the opportunity to experience at first hand experience of elephants bathing in the river. You are reminded to be careful and do not forget to follow the instructions from the guardian if given the opportunity to bathe the elephants. Please bring more clothes for this activity. If you do not want to be disappointed, make sure you book in advance with the Conservation Centre at least three days in advance because it usually crowded on weekends and public holidays.

Visit the Mini Zoo
Once satisfied with your activities with the elephants at the Conservation Centre, do not miss the opportunity to enter into Deerland, a mini zoo operated by one person. Interestingly about this zoo is that it is more open to the concept. With an entrance fee about RM10 for adults and RM5 for children (RM5 and RM3 for Malaysians) you can feel the opportunity to feed the animals and a few tame deer. Experience is indeed very impressive. In addition, if you are a brave, be photographed with snakes will coil around your body while supervised by staff.


Elephants Conservation Center

The center has several elephants who have been trained and used for surgical removal of wild elephants from troubled areas throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The center also maintains an elephant children abandoned by their mother’s collection and to ensure that children continue to live this elephant.

Asian elephants

Asian elephants are now categorized as an increasingly endangered species with less than 1,200 budget wild elephants in Peninsular Malaysia. Protecting Asian elephants are immediate help protect thousands of other species in the environment of the elephant habitat. Elephants opens Trail-Hiking and uprooting trees are a source of food initially so very necessary for smaller animal bulldozers originally suppose so, and spread the seeds inside filthy. Nevertheless due to the reduction of habitat, elephants are now forced to look for food in the forest edge in such exchange and placement into human cultivation areas. The invasion which led to the conflict and the loss terbabit. If the elephant is not transferred immediately, they may be dead as there are shot or poisoned by irresponsible parties.



Food and Drink
There is a small kiosk selling soft drink in the center. But it is better to bring your own snacks and drinks while you are here because there is not much food available. There are also several benches that you can use for your picnic here before and after the scheduled activity. Souvenir T-shirts are also available here.

Nearby accommodations
The city is a small city, the hotel is close to the larger town of Temerloh to the east or west towards Bentong as Hotel Seri Malaysia. The center is open daily 9: 00-16: 45, and is only closed on public holidays.

Wait what? Bring your friends or your family to the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah this. The Centre welcomes your arrival. Wishing you all happy and excited for the trip to Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah. Welcome back!


Pusat Konservasi Gajah Kebangsaan Kuala Gandah
Kuala Gandah, 28500 Lanchang
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia
Tel: 09-279 0391
Faks: 09-279 0398

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